• Kirtan Mass CD by Christopher Fritzsche and Edward Viljoen

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    with music by
    Christopher Fritzsche


    words by Christopher Fritzsche
    and Dr. Edward Viljoen

    "Kirtan Mass" is a participatory work in five movements—a "call and response" devotional chant.

    Christopher Fritzsche (right) says, "As a vocalist in the early music world, I've long appreciated performing beautiful Latin Mass settings from the western tradition where for centuries church composers have set sections of the Christian Liturgy - and the Gloria, Sanctus, Agnus Dei, Credo, etc., to be sung and performed as part of the services. I've longed for something similar in our New Thought tradition: an extended, participatory musical work tailored to our spiritual beliefs. Of course we don't have an ancient Latin Mass or Sanskrit texts of our own to set to music, but we do have our unique form of prayer, five step science of mind spiritual mind treatment. Inspired by the two ancient musical forms, Kirtan from the east and Latin Mass settings from the west, I set out to create an extended work based on our 5 steps of treatment, and that is how this Kirtan Mass came about."

    An audio CD, recorded live at the Center for Spiritual Living, Santa Rosa, with the CSL Santa Rosa Devotional Chant Orchestra and Chorus.

    One Audio CD

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