• 5 Steps to Freedom by John B. Waterhouse

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    An Introduction to Spiritual Mind Treatment

    by John B. Waterhouse, Ph.D.

    If the same cake recipe is prepared year after year, calling for the same ingredients with the same instructions, the results will be the same cake each and every time. To create a better cake with that personal touch, it requires a change in the process or ingredients. The same is true of prayer — the same thoughts and works expressed in the same manner lead to the same results. As your life evolves, so must your ability to recognize and adapt to your needs through prayer.

    5 Steps to Freedom introduces Spiritual Mind Treatment — an integral part of the New Thought way of life — in terms that help the beginner transition from praying the traditional one-way method, to personally directing the process on a positive course of action. This proactive method of prayer looks at life with a new set of eyes, reinforcing the personal relationship with God from a fresh perspective and a new understanding.

    John B. Waterhouse is a New Thought writer who has helped countless people to understand the difference between traditional prayer and Spiritual Mind Treatment by explaining how desired results can be achieved from a change in the process. He is a teacher, guide, mentor, and leader. His life has long been about revealing the power that dwells within each person he meets. With his wife Barbara, John is co-minister of the Center for Creative Living, a Science of Mind spiritual community in Asheville, North Carolina.

    Paperback edition.

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