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    The Surprisingly Effortless
    Path to Creating a Life of
    Meaning and Beauty

    by Edward Viljoen


    People often struggle to find a life filled with passion, happiness, and just plain goodness. This struggle drives many to depression and addictive tendencies. Author and New Thought minister Edward Viljoen argues that the struggle need not be an arduous or painful one—that through everyday acts of kindness, faith, and compassion we can create peaceful and contented lives. Using personal stories, practical tips, and exercises, this book shows us that regardless of our circumstances, we can create meaning and beauty in our lives and in the world. Viljoen offers deep insights, showing:

    • How caring about ordinary things leads to meaningful and extraordinary life experiences
    • How society's messages about perfection distract us from our ordinary goodness
    • How faith is a muscle that must be exercised

    Many strive to live happy and fulfilled lives. This book reassures us that this is attainable—nothing extraordinary is required.

    "While goodness, kindness, compassion, and faith might seem like ordinary concepts, when it comes to actually living them in the face of life's daily challenges, it's easy to get stuck. Edward Viljoen has given us a gentle, illuminating, compassionate guidebook to living from the goodness that lies at the heart of who we really are."
    —Alan Seale, founder of the Center for Transformational Presence and author of Create A World That Works and Intuitive Living
    "Edward Viljoen never ceases to amaze me with his depth of compassion, wisdom and peacefulness."
    —Kathianne Lewis, Center for Spiritual Living, Seattle

    Edward Viljoen is the author of The Power of Meditation and co-author of Seeing Good at Work (with Joyce Duffala) and Spirit is Calling and Practice the Presence (with Chris Michaels). He is the senior minister at the Center for Spiritual Living in Santa Rosa, California.

    Read a review of Ordinary Goodness by Rev. Ruth Barnhart here

    Paperback Edition.

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