• The Prosperous Life Journal — Second Edition by Chris Michaels and Edward Viljoen

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    Change the way you
    understand and experience

    by Chris Michaels and Edward Viljoen

    Prosperity means something more profound and more spiritual than hoarding wealth. The Prosperous Life Journal deals with a different kind of wealth—the wealth born in a mind that knows giving is the mirror image of receiving, that knows generosity is essential to economic prosperity for all, and that knows gratitude is the secret to unlocking the riches of life.

    Guiding you through pages of support and encouragement, The Prosperous Life Journal provides a place to record your thoughts and feelings as you discover what prosperity really means, what it takes to live a prosperous life and share the good that is yours, and how to grow in confidence that an infinite Power supports you.

    The Prosperous Life Journal offers straight forward and compelling ideas to stimulate your assessment of what you believe about prosperity. When the book is complete, you will have a personal record of your progress and spiritual growth which you will refer to for years to come.

    Chris Michaels is a husband, executive coach, national speaker, entrepreneur,  and author of The Power of You. For twenty-five years, Chris has inspired, empowered and educated others to find their true calling. A highly sought after keynote speaker, he speaks globally on entrepreneurship, mindfulness, and living an authentic life. Chris lives in Florida where he serves as Spiritual Director of Center for Spiritual Living, Ft. Lauderdale.

    Edward Viljoen is the senior minister at the Center for Spiritual Living in Santa Rosa, California. He is the author of Ordinary Goodness, and The Power of Meditation, and coauthor (with Joyce Duffala) of Seeing Good at Work.  He lives in Santa Rosa, California

    Paperback Edition.

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