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    Take Control of Your Thoughts, Your Life and Your Destiny

    by Ernest Holmes

    Do you want to have more in command of your life? In It's Up to You, Ernest Holmes shows how to move from a life of "no" to a life of "yes." Readers will be able to choose their future, because what we experience tomorrow depends on what we think and do today. "It's up to you," Holmes writes—and then provides a step-by-step program to achieving all that Life has to offer.

    In this inspiring and practical book, Holmes explains why our thoughts have power, and how we can use this power to positively affect our lives. This beloved work is a guide of inspiration and motivation—a galvanizing book that has changed countless lives, and could change yours as well.

    "The ideas, the ways and means, are presented to you. What you do with them, how you use them, and what they will mean to you is a very personal matter. If you honestly and sincerely desire to make your life better, the way is open to you. What you do about it is up to you!"

    Ernest Holmes was an internationally recognized authority on religious psychology and the founder of the Religious Science movement. His inspirational books include the renowned classic, A new Design for Living, This Thing Called You, The Art of Life, 365 Science of Mind, The Hidden Power of the Bible, and Creative Mind and Success.

    Paperback edition.


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