• Seeing Good At Work - by Dr. Joyce Duffala and Rev. Dr. Edward Viljoen

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    52 Weekly Steps to
    Transform Your Workplace Experience

    by Dr. Joyce Duffala
    and Rev. Dr. Edward Viljoen

    Seeing Good at Work is the book chosen to accompany the Center for Spiritual Living Santa Rosa theme
    for September 2022

    YOU ARE A GOOD-HEARTED PERSON WITH GOOD INTENTIONS, surrounded by good-hearted people with good intentions. Yet with the pressures of daily life, especially in the workplace, this is not always your experience. Seeing Good At Work provides 52 weekly steps to transform your experience in the workplace. Short readings and exercises, simple yet profound, point you in the direction of seeing the best in yourself and others in any situation.

    "Seeing Good At Work is filled with great advice from good people. Every word applies not only to work, but to every moment of our lives. This wonderful book takes us by the hand and gives us the education that enlightened parents or a wonderfully evolved educational system would naturally give us. It can lead us to a far more rewording experience, in every aspect of our lives."
    —Marc Allen, author of The Millionaire Course,
    Visionary Business and A Visionary Life

    "Seeing Good At Work beautifully condenses perennial teachings into day by day exercises for greater peace, success, and satisfaction in the workplace. Don't be deceived by their elegant simplicity. These lessons can profoundly transform the quality of your experience, not only at work but in your life. Use them and see."
    Rev. Mary Murray Shelton, author of Guidance from the Darkness

    Paperback edition.

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