• The Voice Celestial by Ernest Holmes and Fenwicke Holmes

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    An Epic Poem

    by Ernest Holmes
    and Fenwicke Holmes

    The Voice Celestial is a book chosen to accompany the Center for Spiritual Living Santa Rosa theme for December 2021

    An Epic Poem in the tradition of The Iliad of Homer and John Milton's Paradise Lost, The Voice Celestial bridges the centuries that have passed since Jesus Christ gave his message to mankind and links that message to our present age.

    The Wayfarer makes his journey through the worlds's great religions to the mysteries of Egypt, and finally to Jesus Christ, being changed in the process, and discovering along the way that we live in a loving universe, where all men and women are masters of their own destinies.

    "This is humanity's story. We all share the Farer's search to discover the Divine, and to experience our relationship to It. The Voice Celestial speaks with a clarity and a passion that will bring tears to the eyes of all students of metaphysics. This work complements and completes Ernest Holmes' classic work The Science of Mind."
    —Rev. Dr. Candice Becket
    Religious Science Center for Positive Living

    Ernest Holmes (1887-1960) and his brother Fenwicke Holmes (1883-1973) worked closely together in their early years, and later became independently successful, Ernest for his innovative metaphysical writings, and Fenwicke for his various lectures and publications on philosophy. Their collaboration on The Voice Celestial stands as a lyrical monument of New Thought.

    Paperback edition.

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