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    Notes on the Meaning of the EARTH

    by Jacob Needleman

    What is the purpose of life on Earth? In An Unknown World, Jacob Needleman frames man's role on the planet in a completely new and fresh way, moving beyond the usual environmental concerns to reveal how the care and maintenance of a world is something vital and basic to our existence as authentic human beings.

    "What is the Earth and why are we on it? What is the purpose of life and of our consciousness of it? Jacob Needleman explores these questions in his book, An Unknown World. As a philosophy professor and the director of the Center for the Study of New Religions in Berkeley, Needleman is equipped to look at these classic questions, interweaving the worlds' many schools of thought, with personal experiences, revelations and even dreams.  He contends that we are here on purpose and calls us to look at our role in the biosphere of life, of which we are an integral part. Through his investigations, he reminds us that ours is not an intelligence in any way separate from the one intelligence that created it all, and that we are thus required to listen to and act from that greater intelligence. Needleman encourages us not to try to dispel the mystery that is life, but to recognize ourselves as a player in it; to be globally and personally open to our role on earth and in creation itself. He proposes that we need to continually be aware of how we are living, to see if it contributes to and not detracts from this biosphere into which we are created."
    —Review by Rev. Ruth Barnhart
    "His lively prose, storytelling skills and lucid insights draw us into an animated conversation with a brilliant teacher."
    —Publishers Weekly
    "Striking ... takes some really original positions on topics that have become run into the ground by the same discussions and same assumptions."
    —Ken Wilbur
    "An immensely learned man who is unembarrassed by the big questions that many of his fellow philosophers prefer to dodge."
    —Chicago Tribune
    "For nearly four decades Jacob Needleman has confronted the central questions of our era in light of the vision that lies a the root of the world's great spiritual traditions. Needleman's work clarifies: it takes topics that exist in disparate threads through-out our culture—new religions, esoteric Christianity, the founding mythos of America—and frames them in a manner both sensible and deeply questioning."

    The acclaimed author of The American Soul, The Essential Marcus Aurelius, Lost Christianity, and Money and the Meaning of Life, Jacob Needleman is a professor of philosophy at San Francisco State University, and former director of the Center for the Study of New Religions at the Graduate Theological Union, Berkeley.

    Paperback Edition

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