• How to Change Your Life - by Ernest Holmes

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    An Inspirational,
    Life-Changing Classic

    from the Ernest Holmes Library

    by Ernest Holmes

    Whatever your personal desires are, you have the right to attain them - and you can.

    If you find yourself asking what the secret to making your dreams come true is, look no further than the teachings of Ernest Holmes, founder of the Science of Mind philosophy and movement. Written in 1957, Holmes's powerful book, How to Change your Life, is the original pathway to discovering the ability within you to attain your dreams. Holmes said, "The power lies within your mind and the way you use it." His succinct, yet timeless observations show you how to use the wisdom of God to improve your life.

    How to Change your Life presents ideas on life and God essential to contemporary spiritual understanding: how science and spirituality have merged and what that means for you as well as step-by-step instructions for using the Science of Mind to improve your experiences of life.

    Dr. Holmes was a great spiritual scientist who provides empirical evidence for his realizations of the original purpose of life. You, too, by experimenting in the laboratory of your own life using the techniques described in these pages, will prove, as he did, that thoughts are the things that create your life."

    - From the Foreword by Reverend Dr. Michael Beckwith

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