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    West Wind Flags are created in the spirit of the ancient Tibetan Buddhist Prayer Flags that are still hung throughout Tibet, Nepal, Bhutan, Northern India — and now the western world is embracing the beautiful tradition.  Flying from the rooftops of homes, on porches and posts, and over gardens around the world, they offer blessings to all.

    In the Tibetan tradition, prayer flags are hung with respect and the intention for peace and compassion.  They are given and hung to celebrate new beginnings:  birthdays, a new home, a marriage or union, a new venture, and always for the New Year!

    Two sets are available:  Mini Peace Flags and Mini Namasté Flags

    All flags are 100% cotton & Fair Trade — Handmade in Kathmandu, Nepal.

    Flags are approximately 3.75 inches wide by 4.0 inches high.  Each set contains five flags with hanging string.

    Mini Peace Flags Stock No.  MPF
    Mini Namasté Flags Stock No.  MNF

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