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    Zen Life & Practice

    by Charlotte Joko Beck

    Ordinary Wonder is the theme book chosen for
    the Center for Spiritual Living Santa Rosa for 2022

    "As you embrace the suffering of life, the wonder shows up at the same time. They go together."
    —Charlotte Joko Beck

    In this collection of never before published teachings by Charlotte Joko Beck, one of the most influential Western-born Zen teachers, she explores our "core beliefs"—the hidden, negative convictions we hold about ourselves that direct our thoughts and behavior and prevent us from experiencing life as it is. Wryly humorous and relatable, Beck uses powerfully clear language to show how our lives present us with daily opportunities to move from thinking to experiencing, from compulsivity to confidence, and from anguish to peace. whether you are a Zen practitioner or a reader interested in exploring these teachings for the first time, Ordinary Wonder offers the depth and breadth of Beck's remarkable experience in an accessible guide to practice amidst the struggles of daily life.

    "For heaven's sake, practice what Joko Beck recommends, what she spent forty years doing and teaching: sitting silent and still, for long periods of time, experiencing everything that is happening in what you call your body, your thoughts, and your emotions. If you persist, you will find, as Joko did, an ease and a simple happiness in all that life presents you."
    —From the Foreword by Jan Chozen Bays

    Charlotte Joko Beck (1917-2011) began her practice of Zen with Hakuyu Taizan Maezumi Roshi, from whom she received Dharma transmission. Founder of the Zen Center of San Diego and the Ordinary Mind Zen School, she was also the author of two modern Zen classics—EveryZen: Love and Work and Nothing Special: Living Zen.

    Paperback edition.

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