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    Embracing Conflict, Creating Peace

    by Gary Simmons

    The I of the Storm
     is the book chosen to accompany the Center for Spiritual Living Santa Rosa theme for May 2019

    In this book we learn to go beyond merely managing the conflict in our lives to actually embracing the conflict, allowing it to teach us what we otherwise might not learn. This process leads to peacemaking ... whether it be within ourselves, in our relationships, or as a result of outside circumstances.

    Simmons integrates spiritual principles, biblical quotes, and martial arts philosophy (he is a fourth-degree black belt in tae kwon do) as well as concepts from modern science—especially quantum theory. In this way he points us to the "I" of the storm of conflict, to our spiritual Self, as the means of realizing peace in our lives.

    Rev. Dr. Gary Simmons is an ordained Unity minister. In his 28 years of professional Unity ministry, he has pioneered three ministries as well as served on the Board of Trustees of the Association of Unity Churches.

    In 1993 Simmons began his innovative work in the field of conflict management. Combining his background of 30 years in martial arts with the metaphysical Christian principles of Unity, Simmons pioneered a pilot project that introduced a new method of working with conflicted church communities.  His success later led to the establishment of the Ministry for Peacemaking of the Association of Unity Churches, serving Unity, New Thought, and spiritual organizations throughout the world.

    "The only true relationship is one based upon wholeness. Gary Simmons guides us out of our excuses, fears, and conflicts to create authentic relationships and quality living."
    —Thomas F. Crum, author of The Magic of Conflict
    and Journey to Center
    "Gary Simmons has a keen insight into the true nature of peace. His proven methods of conflict resolution in groups, families, and individuals are making a significant contribution to the realization of peace on Earth, and this book lays it our magnificantly ... I love it!"
    —Jerry Bartholow, chef and author of Peace Soup
    Paperback edition.

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