• The Science of Mind: The Complete Edition by Ernest Holmes

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    Features the original 1926
    and expanded 1938 volumes
    of the beloved classics — published together for the first time.

    by Ernest Holmes

    The earlier version is written as a series of lessons. In 1938 Holmes removed sections on psychic phenomena, ghosts, séances, and sexuality that appeared in the 1926 book and he added sections on prayer, meditation, and Jesus. This revised book is commonly used as our standard teaching text. It has been in print continuously for more than 75 years.

    Dr. Kathy Hearn, in her introduction to the complete edition, says that the 1926 book has a more personal feeling, with Ernest Holmes making "I" statements and offering the reader insight into his process and realizations. He refers to the authors and thinkers whose work influenced him at that time of his life. "To have both editions," she says," and to read them together, is to discover the unique value of each. And in doing so we may arrive at an even deeper appreciation for the man, Ernest Holmes.

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