• A Chants to Love by Melissa Phillippe

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    This is the CD you've been waiting for.  These affirmative chants set to beautiful music will deepen your experience of the Love that you are.

    This CD harnesses the power of Chant.  Chants have been used for thousands of years to transform consciousness and change physical/emotional/spiritual vibration.  Traditional chants, however, are often in another language.  Melissa writes chants in English so your mind is fully engaged, knowing the meaning of what you are affirming.

    These nine new empowering, enlivening chants will change your thinking and change your life!

    1. Here in the Present
    2. Tender "Yes"
    3. My Body
    4. Breathing
    5. A New Person
    6. Loving How I Feel (Beautiful Body)
    7. Old Feeling
    8. New Beginning
    9. Brand New Life
    One Audio CD

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