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    The Extraordinary Power of Everyday Beauty to Heal Your Life

    by Piero Ferrucci

    Beauty is all around us—in a flower, a song, the sound of water falling, or a dramatic painting. We often think of it as just "window dressing." But it's not: it's one of the key elements of a healthy, happy existence, and fully engaging with the everyday beauty that surrounds us can help us combat depression and malaise, speed recovery, and make life feel more purposeful.

    Transpersonal psychologist Piero Ferrucci teaches us how to see the beauty of the everyday in a whole new way, not as a pleasant distraction but as a powerful therapeutic tonic that can help us forge connections with others, cope with stress, and build happier lives.

    "Ferrucci keeps it simple yet profound in this persuasive argument for the importance of appreciating beauty ... This is a wonderful book to give to anyone made uneasy by the conditions of modern life, because the solution is so simple and yet bears repeating: stop to smell the roses."
    —Publishers Weekly
    "Some of us think we don't deserve {beauty] or that it's frivolous. When we work to change this, [Ferrucci] writes, we escape from the cages we have created ... Ferrucci's writing is calm and c.ear. His insights are widely intuitive. The very act of reading his balanced sentences unties knots and encourages openness."
    —Los Angeles Times
    "Piero Ferrucci demonstrates that beauty is deeply interwoven in our organism ... [He] weaves the threads of scientific research, spirituality, personal anecdotes, and tales from various wisdom traditions into a tapestry that shows how beauty has the power to transform all it touches ... [This book] leaves us with an intriguing question: what would happen if beauty were the guiding principle—or one of the main themes—in our existance?"
    —Spirituality & Health

    Peiro Ferrucciis a psychotherapist and philosopher. He has been a student of andcollaborator with Roberto Assagioli, the fournder of psychosynthesis. He is the author of The Power of Kindness, What We May Be, Inevitable Grace, and What Our Children Teach Us, as well as the editor of The Human Situation, a book of Aldous Huxley's lectures. He lives near Florence, Italy, with his wife and two sons.

    Paperback edition.

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