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    A Loving Path to Spiritual Awakening
    and Freedom from Suffering

    by Michael A. Rodriguez


    Suffering is a universal human experience. Most of us are seeking relief from the turmoil and pain that life can bring: the fear, desire, heartbreak, self-judgment, grief—even just the vague sense that we're somehow inadequate, separate, and alone. But there is something greater that can help alleviate this suffering: the realization of the boundless awareness at the heart of experience.

    Drawing from a deep knowledge of ancient wisdom traditions and the humanities, author Michael A. Rodriquez gently guides you through a process that can free you from suffering—providing tools to help you acknowledge and skillfully integrate the residual pain associated with your attachments, patterns, and traumatic wounds. Using contemplative exercises and guided meditations, this book leads you along a path of spiritual awakening, presenting clear and easily accessible methods for realizing your innate perfection, unconditional love, interconnectedness, and true, limitless nature. Most importantly, you'll learn how to embody and express this newly awakened joy in your everyday life.

    "An excellent resource for beginners and seasoned seekers alike."
    —Stephan Bodian, founder of the School for Awakening and author of Beyond Mindfulness

    Michael A. Rodriguez is a full-time spiritual teacher with advanced degrees in literature and comparative religion. Having taught at the university level for more than a decade, he now offers meetings, retreats, and private sessions regarding spiritual awakening.

    Paperback edition.


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