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    This audio CD supports Chanting — the focus of the Center for Spiritual Living Santa Rosa theme for September 2013

    "In Ernest Holmes’s The Science of Mind he writes 'By repeating an affirmation, dwelling on its meaning, meditating upon the spiritual significance of it…the subjective state of one’s thinking becomes clarified.' He may not have been referring to chanting directly; however, the practice  of methodically repeating a powerful phrase or idea has been part of our teaching since the beginning. We call them affirmations and the purpose of  repetition is, as Holmes states, to clarify our minds by repeatedly entertaining these powerful ideas. Holmes says 'Repeating an affirmation is leading the mind to that state of consciousness where it accepts that which it wishes to believe.'

    "Adding rhythm and music to affirmations amplifies the effect of the practice  because of the ability that music and rhythm have to reach deep into our emotions and make an imprint on our memory. Often, days after a Sunday Service, I will find one of the songs running through my mind unattended, as if a motor was started and is still going. Sometimes it is just one phrase from a song, and I can’t get it out of my head. (Not that I want to.) This is the simple power of chanting—to start a motor in our minds, fueled with affirmative ideas and inspiration, so that it can continue to run unattended in us and affect the way we move through the world."

    —Rev. Dr. Edward Viljoen

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