• Chants to Awaken the Buddhist Heart by Lama Surya Das and S. Halpern

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    The Companion CD to Awakening the Buddhist Heart
    by Lama Surya Das and Steven Halpern

    Ancient Tibetan Buddhist prayers and chants to bless, illumine and awaken the heart of Buddhist and non- Buddhist alike. Energized with modern groves, electric bass, keyboards and guitar.

    More and more people in the West are discovering the healing power of sacred chants and mantras. Whether you chant along or just listen, you'll find this recording works on many levels, and will become a valuable addition to your personal collection.
    "Tibetan Lamas and chantmasters for more than a millennium have developed the secrets of internal healing, clearing and edifying vibrations through the power of sacred sound. These ancient, timeless Tibetan chants help us to awaken the Buddhist heart - the radiant Bodhicitta (enlightened mind) innate in all beings.

    "These are the chants and prayers that I use in my personal meditations. They can help open the third ear and delight the third eye with inner vision, cosmic sound, primordial bliss and divine light."


    One Audio CD

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