• Class: Understanding World Mysticism

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    Islamic, Hindu, Buddhist
    and Christian

    an Online Video Class
    with Rev. Dr. Kim Kaiser

    A Spiritual Enrichment Course

    Dates:  Four Thursdays, June 29, July 6,13, 20
    Time:   7 pm to 9 pm    First class on June 29 starts promptly
                                           at 6:30 pm for “Technology Check in”

    There will be two 30-45 minutes "hands-on” tech sessions offered on June 22 at 7:30 pm and on June 27 at 11 am.  It is recommended to attend one of these online sessions to prepare for your participation in the class, especially if you are not very familiar with Zoom.

    We are excited to be launching our First Interactive Video Conferenced Spiritual Enrichment Course. We have been using the technology in our Ministerial School classes for 3 years. The platform is “Zoom”. Enjoy this class from your home or office, where you will see your classmates and Dr. Kim on your screen. See the technology requirements below.  Enrollment is limited to 22 students.

    The mystics of these major spiritual traditions have taught the same thing, that anyone can have a direct experience of the Ultimate Reality, whether it is called God, Allah, Buddha, or Brahma.  This class will trace the paths they recommended to all who would listen.  Students will learn how each religious tradition had its own path to directly experiencing the Ultimate Reality. Through experiential practices in class and individual practice between classes, students will taste the unique flavor of each spiritual tradition.  And by the end, each student will have a greater understanding of how different pathways can lead to the Ultimate but also have a new sense of their own pathway to the One.  

    The instructor is Rev. Dr. Kim Kaiser, a Science of Mind minister and an ordained Soto Zen Buddhist priest.  He was also an Adjunct Professor of Counseling Psychology for the University of San Francisco where he has trained psychotherapists for over 20 years.  The combination of psychology and spirituality has been his main interest throughout his life.  He has led tours to Japan and Bhutan with the aim of experiencing firsthand the way Buddhism is practiced and lived in cultures that have been shaped by its teachings for many hundreds of years.  This class is a continuation of this effort to experience from within the many ways that humans have found to follow and feel the movement of Ultimate Reality.

    You will need a PC or Mac with camera, a headphone, microphone (or combo set is the best option, with comfy earbuds) and a high speed internet connection. Those familiar with Zoom on a tablet or phone, PLEASE do not use those devices. The audio and picture tend to be compromised, disrupting the experience for the whole virtual classroom. And the pictures on your tiny screen will not give you the optimal experience.

    You will receive an email the week before class with a link to sign into the classroom. We will also provide you with tips for setting up your lighting, framing yourself in the camera, and other tid bits. If you are new to Zoom, or your PC or Mac is, please go to this link in advance to download the software:


    Registrations for classes are not mailed out. They will be held for pickup at the door the day of the class.

    Online registration for this class will end Tuesday, June 27, at 5 pm. 

    No Refunds or Discounts for this online class.

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