• Dancing into Silence with R. Carlos Nakai, W. Eaton and Will Clipman

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    Dancing into Silence

    performed by R. Carlos Nakai, William Eaton and Will Clipman

    DANCING INTO SILENCE interweaves individual songs to create a continuous musicscape featuring the haunting sound of Native American flute, the rich harmonies and timbres of harp guitar, and subtle textures of world ethnic percussion.

    • Ancient Awakening   (4:50)
    • Sun Path   (5:05)
    • Winged Indescence   (5:10)
    • A Breath of Peace   (3:51)
    • Down to Earth   (3:35)
    • Radiance   (4:06)
    • Dancing into Silence   (4:51)
    • Man in the Maze   (3:11)
    • Reflections in an Emerald Pool   (4:13)
    • Horses in the Rain (  5:04)
    • Havasupai Lullabye   (4:44)
    • Whispers of the Wind   (4:19)
    • Memory's Children   (4:46)
    • The Way Home   (2:07)

    "Dancing into Silence is a very nice soothing instrumental CD that I like to have playing in the background while I am working in the bookstore. The music features Carlos Nakai on the Native American flute beautifully played along with a mild drum and harp guitar. The rhythm is not so fast that it makes me jittery and not so slow that it lulls me into a non-productive meditative state. The CD plays a continuous easy sound that smoothly changes one song to the next without any notice on my part.

    Some people love complete silence for their meditation practice, others prefer the gentle backdrop of music, still others love to be outside with the sounds and sights of nature. If you are one of those who has a list of favorite meditation music, or favorite music-to-do-things-by, please let us know what you listen to. We'd love to hear from you."
    —Martha Salazar, manager of Stepping Stones Books and Gifts

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