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    Midlife Crisis as a Spiritual Awakening

    by Jett Psaris, PhD

    Many people "die" in their 50s and just aren't buried until their 80s. That's because they did not take the full journey available to them at midlife. The whole point of midlife is to allow — even force — a re-evaluation of who you are and the life you have created, giving you your very best chance to discover, realize, and actualize your deepest spiritual nature in everyday life.

    "This is a terrific book, rich and deeply satisfying. The author carefully and lovingly leads the reader through an in-depth exploration of the midlife passage as an opportunity to love a more authentic and fulfilling life."
    —John Welwood, author of Toward a Psychology of Awakening
    "In the middle of our lives, there is a 'dark wood' as Dante named it, where each of us must lose our way. The luckiest among us find a guide like Jett Psaris who offers not only an exquisite map, but profound companionship along the way."
    —Kim Rosen, author of Saved by a poem: The Transformative Power of words 
    "Although I started reading this book as confused and frightened by midlife as most peiple I know, somewhere in the middle I felt the lights turn on, and everything after that gained new color and clarity. Hidden blessings is the best book on midlife I've ever reviewed."
    —Patricia Holt, former book review editor, San Francisco Chronicle

    Jett Psaris, PhD, is an author and teacher who guides others to embrace the full spectrum of their humanity through her writings, workshops, and private practice. Her books have been referred to as "sacred texts for modern times."

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