• India — by Karl Anthony

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    Mantra — Satsang 1

    India, is my first chanting Mantra CD inspired by my travels to India. I have received much inspiration and value from the practice of chanting in my personal life and want to share this unique experience with my friends.

    The mind can be a real chatter box and chanting is a beautiful way to silence the endless loop of thoughts which constantly analyze the past or future. Ancient traditions have explored wonderful ways to experience the now and present moment and the Mantra is one of those ways which works wonders for me.

    1. india  (4:55)
    2. all the love (green tara)  (6:36)
    3. showered in light  (7:44)
    4. shivaya (oh holy)  (10:21)
    5. in my awaking (om shanti)  (8:01)
    6. om mani padme hum  (7:13)
    7. om namo bhagavate  (9:21)

    One audio CD

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