• Internal by Jamie Catto and Alex Forester

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    Music for Dissolving

    by Jamie Catto and Alex Forster

    This first collaboration between Jamie Catto and Alex Forster was composed to reflect and stir our deepest emotions—our sadness and our ecstasy, our fear and courage—and the ever-changing space in which they all can dissolve. An evocative combination of electronic and organic world music, Internal brings us a powerful complement for yoga and body-based practices—or whenever we long for the experience of letting go and losing ourselves amid our vast inner landscapes.

    1. Open the Floodgates    5:12
    2. Blossom    5.55
    3. Safe Hands    3.09
    4. Beneath the Bananas    4:17
    5. No Trace    3:57
    6. Desert Stroll    4:24
    7. Let it Go    2:16
    8. Mother Tongue    3:47
    9. Herida    3:42
    10. Internal    5:09
    11. Renaissance    2:44
    12. Ojalá    3:54
    13. Waiting    3:19
    14. Gratitude    6:27

    One Audio CD. Running time 58 minutes.

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