• Jesus, Buddha, Krishna & Lao Tzu — by Richard Hooper

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    The Parallel Sayings

    "Even though these teachers represent four different world religions, I believe their teachings have a great deal in common.  could it be that their teachings represent four slightly different paths to the same destination?  Each of these masters claimed that their teachings came from personal experience of ultimate reality, so we might expect their teachings to be similar.  Certainly their teachings carry the weight of authority—in our day, as well as theirs."
    —from the Introduction


    "I was much taken by the idea of this book when I first learned it was in the making, but the execution of it—the reality of it—is just wonderful. Its publication is a truly timely event, bound to nourish those who are soul weary of combativeness in the name of religion."
    —Carol Lee Flinders, PhD, author of Enduring Lives: Portraits of Women and Faith in Action

    "A much needed journey into the minds and hearts of the great prophets of our world; academic, yet heart-filled, stimulating and illuminating. . . .This rare text answers many questions that others leave hanging, and touches the spirit as well as the mind."
    —Alan Cohen, author of How Good Can it Get? and A Deep Breath of Life

    "In this book, Richard Hooper presents the basic building blocks of world spirituality.  Here one finds our common thread in the universality of spirituality."
    —Adrian Ravarour, PhD, Bishop, The American Catholic Church


    Paperback Edition

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