• Living The Science of Mind — by Ernest Holmes

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    The Only Writings by the Founder of Science of Mind to Help You Understand his Classic Textbook

    by Ernest Holmes

    Living the Science of Mind
    is Ernest Holmes' own commentary on his classic Science of Mind textbook.  While the foundation and principles of Science of Mind are well-established in the textbook, here you'll find the guidelines, applications, topics and lessons conveyed in the personal style that filled Dr. Holmes classes and Sunday morning meetings to overflowing.

    Founder of the Science of Mind philosophy and worldwide movement, and author of metaphysical bestsellers, Dr. Holmes continually sought to simplify his teaching so people could understand, adapt, and realize the benefits of these spiritual principles in an ever-changing world.  Living the Science of Mind can be used in any number of ways. You can follow the book's own progression, ideal for classwork or self-instruction, or you can just "drop in" anywhere in this treasury of Science of Mind principles and read at random for a pause that truly refreshes.

    In these pages Dr. Holmes speaks directly to you in a one-on-one tutorial.  Even though many of these friendly talks are only a page or two in length, they are all to the point and make for common sense as well as timeless truth. Some of the specific topics that are extracted from Dr. Holmes' overview of Science of Mind, Religion, Spirituality and New Thought include:

    • GOD
    • LAW
    • MAN
    • FORCES
    "As we look back, we can take pride that the writings and persona of Dr. Ernest Holmes put him in the forefront of the inspired spiritual leaders of the 20th Century."
    —Catherine Ponder, author of The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity

    Paperback Edition

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