• Sanctuary - by Donna De Lory

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    by Donna De Lory

       With Sanctuary, De Lory has crafted an expressive, spiritually charged album that embraces both her passionate exploration of yoga and meditation inspired music, like 2004's mantra-driven The Lover and The Beloved, and the expansive, mystical folktronica that was the foundation of 2006's Sky Is Open. "Sanctuary bridges two worlds for me," says De Lory, "between the outside physical world and the inner space we hold within of the spirit."

       Now with Sanctuary, she's taken her distinctive, mellifluous sound a step further, marrying beautiful songs, mantras, and sonic collages to world- influenced melodies inspired by the transcendent, metaphysical sounds of artists like Peter Gabriel, Kate Bush and George Harrison. In fact, the late Beatles guitarist was very much on her mind when she adapted her own verses to Durga Das (David Newman's song) "Guru Om" for the album.

    • Aham Prema     7:11
    • Sanctuary     6:30
    • Guru Om     7:11
    • Jai Ma     6:27
    • Bathe In These Waters     6:41
    • Lokah Samastha Sukhino Bhavantu     10:10
    • Om Namah Shiviya/Thy Will Be Done     9:31

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