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    A Pet Loss Journal

    by Patty Luckenbach, M.A., D.D.

    Every loss we experience holds its own special meaning for us and losing a beloved pet can be as difficult as any other transition. But unlike other deaths, the passing of an animal friend does not bring together family and friends. It is a hurt that we generally manage all alone.

    The Kingdom of Heart provides both a way to express and to release our grief. A cathartic tool and a memorial, this workbook is designed for anyone who carries tender memories of his or her special animal companion. It honors the place where we always reside with our pet - in the Kingdom of Heart.

    The Kingdom of Heart moved me to laugh and cry in the same breath. It brought back memories of friends who shared my life and moved on in their time. The stories are wonderful. The advice contained within the pages is invaluable in dealing with the grief and pain of the loss of those special loved ones. Dr. Patty urges readers to honor themselves by letting go of the attachments to painful memories and instead to love in release of those attachments. What inspiring counsel. Great job, Dr. Patty!

    - Howard P. Bad Hand, Lakota spiritual leader, author, singer, and composer

    For more than twenty years, Dr. Patty Luckenbach has specialized in the care and nurturing of those people experiencing deep grief and loss from the constant changes of life. She is a teacher and psychotherapist specializing in the grief support services, psycho-spiritual growth and journal writing as a therapeutic adjunct. Her previous book, The Land of Tears Is a Secret Place, serves as a centerpiece for many grief recovery workshops. Dr. Patty's greatest joy comes from facilitating others in stepping through the portals of life's changes.

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