• Thin Doors — by Ron J. Donoho

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    An Open Dialogue
    With The Other Side


    "We never know when we are going to feel such a presence or see spiritual energies.  They can be there when you seek wisdom or strength, or they can show up unexpectedly when they know you need them—even before you know it yourself."

    FROM A YOUNG AGE, Ron Donoho has communicated with visitors from beyond and received messages from his spiritual guide.  For many years his friends and family were baffled by his ability to simply know things.

    And so the story begins—with carving out time in a very busy, scheduled life to spend emotionally-charged time with a parent who is terminally ill with cancer.  There are questions to be answered and years of unexplainable experiences to sort through.

    Thin Doors is a volume that chronicles the final weeks of his father's life, as the author reflects on his own life of being a medium for receiving messages from spiritual energies.  As you turn its pages, the author brings you along as he unfolds this captivating account of living his life with an open dialogue with the other side.

    The person who is truly spirit-driven and authentic will say, 'The power I possess is not unnatural. You have it as well.  Go within and discover it for yourself.'"
    —from the foreword by Chris Michaels

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