• True Abundance by Michael Bernard Beckwith

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    Practices for
    Living from the Overflow

    an Audio Program by
    Michael Bernard Beckwith

    When we find ourselves wanting more money or material wealth, what is it that we are really seeking? According to Michael Bernard Beckwith, what we long for is "true abundance"—an inner connection to the inexhaustible cosmic Source that is right within us and all around us. On True Abundance, this visionary teacher offers practical guidance for overcoming the obstacles that give rise to the illusion of scarcity, with  limits our access to prosperity. "The universe wants to support you," teaches Beckwith. "It wants to express its material, creative, and spiritual bounty through you." Here he presents practices and techniques for inviting the flow of abundance into your life, including:

    • Strategies for changing your relationship with money—how to align your financial needs with your spiritual purpose
    • Activating the Law of Circulation—how you can amplify your capacity for wealth through trust and generosity
    • Five guided meditations for visioning your life's purpose, dissolving your fears around money, and turning your "body temple" into a vehicle for abundance

    If everyone on the planet took a deep breath at the same time, there would still be plenty of air for us all. When we learn to see how much the universe is willing to support us—and accept that we are worthy to receive what is freely given—then we open the doors to a life of authentic wealth. With True Abundance, Michael Bernard Beckwith invites you to embrace the vision of a world in which all of your needs are met, so you may in turn become a beneficial presence on the planet.

    Two audio CDs. Running time 2 1/4 hours.

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