• Workshop: Into the Flow of Divine Ideas

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    with Rev. Tara Steele
    and Sky Nelson-Isaacs

    Date:   Sunday, September 9
    Time:   2 pm to 4 pm
    Center for Spiritual Living, Santa Rosa
    2075 Occidental Road

    Whole, perfect, and complete...yes, we are that from the moment of our birth and each new morning when we awaken. But it's not that simple – many of us have filters, expectations, “shoulds,” history that color how we see ourselves and limit our lively, enthusiastic authentic presence. At this afternoon’s workshop, Rev. Tara Steele and Sky Nelson-Isaacs suggest ways to bring more of the authentic you to daily life, transforming your experience of yourself and your world.

    Rev. Tara Steele is the Director of Evening Services at the Center and brings to her teaching threads of Christian, Buddhist, and Hindu practices as well as a commitment to embodying our beliefs and values in everyday life. That's been at the heart of her work since the 1980s, whether in the nonprofit corporate world, healthcare, or spiritual community. Rev. Tara found Science of Mind in 2002 and was amazed at how well it weaves together varios faith traditions and practices. That sense of wholeness and possibility is still alive in Tara today and is the main reason she teaches. She says that It is a gift to explore our philosophy and watch it come alive in her students.

    Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, Sky Nelson-Isaacs helps individuals and organizations understand and access the physics of flow, seeing obstacles as signs of redirection that lead to better solutions.  He is a physicist, speaker and author studying "the physics of flow." He works with organizations that want to capture more of the dynamic synergy of flow in their work environment. He has published several peer-reviewed academic papers on fundamental physics thet predict the everyday occurrence of meanifngul coincidences, or "synchronicity."  When we take directed action, we are more likely to experience useful events whcih help us forward. This is the experience of "flow."

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